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US-UK Nuclear Cooperation After 50 Years

Title:                  US-UK Nuclear Cooperation After 50 Years Author:                Jenifer Mackby Jenifer Mackby (2008). U.S.-UK Nuclear Cooperation After 50 Years. Washington, DC : Center for Strategic and International Studies LCCN:    2008022027 UA23 .U784 … Continue reading

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Title:                  VENONA Author:                Nigel West West, Nigel (1999). VENONA: The Greatest Secret of the Cold War. New York: HarperCollins. OCLC:    40754232 D 843 W47 1999 Subjects Cold War. Espionage, Soviet — History — Sources. Spies — Soviet Union — History … Continue reading

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Inside Soviet Military Intelligence

Title:                  Inside Soviet Military Intelligence Author:                 Viktor Suvorov Suvorov, Viktor (1984). Inside Soviet Military Intelligence. New York: Macmillan LCCN:       84151639 UB251.S65 S88 1984 Date Updated:      February 29, 2016 The Chief Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, also known as … Continue reading

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The Starvation Blockades

Title:                      The Starvation Blockades Author:                   Nigel Hawkins Hawkins, Nigel (2003). The Starvation Blockades: Naval Blockades of WWI. Barnsley, South Yorkshire : Leo Cooper LOC:       2003446208 D581 .H36 2002 Date Posted:      … Continue reading

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Memoirs of a British Agent

Title:                  Memoirs of a British Agent Author:                Robert Hamilton Bruce Lockhart Lockhart, Robert Hamilton Bruce (1932, 1974). Memoirs of a British Agent: Being an Account of the Author’s Early Life in Many Lands and His Official Mission to … Continue reading

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