Counterfeit Spies

Title:                  Counterfeit Spies

Author:                 Nigel West

West, Nigel (1998). Counterfeit Spies: Genuine or Bogus? An Astonishing Investigation into Secret Agents of the Second World War. London: St Ermin’s Press

OCLC:    39242572

D810.S7 W445 1999


Date Updated:  June 30, 2015

Of the many hundreds of accounts of wartime adventures by secret agents behind enemy lines, which are authentic and which are the fantasies of hoaxers? Have dozens of authors and their publishers been duped into peddling fiction dressed up as fact? In this remarkable investigation of clandestine operations of the Second World War, British intelligence expert Nigel West reveals a catalog of bogus claims, doctored photos, faked documents, and manufactured archival records. The spurious tales of more than two dozen authors are placed under the expert’s microscope, compared to the recently declassified files of hitherto secret organizations, and exposed as exaggeration, embellishment, or outright fraud. A compelling, brilliantly researched investigation.

This book is not listed in the Library of Congress catalog.


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