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Strategic Intelligence for American World Policy

Title:                  Strategic Intelligence for American World Policy Author:                Sherman Kent Kent, Sherman (1966). Strategic Intelligence for American World Policy. Hamden, CT: Archon Books LCCN:    65025395 JF1525.I6 K4 1965 Subjects Intelligence service. Date Updated:  August 21, 2015 One of the … Continue reading

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On Intelligence

Title:                  On Intelligence Author:                 Robert David Steele Robert David Steele (2000). On Intelligence: Spies and Secrecy in an Open World. Fairfax, VA: AFCEA International Press LCCN:    00029284 JK468.I6 S74 2000 Subjects Intelligence service–United States. Intelligence service. Military intelligence. Date … Continue reading

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Espionage Establishment

Title:                  The Espionage Establishment Author:                 David Wise Wise, David (1968) and T. B. Ross. The Espionage Establishment. London: Cape LCCN:    72453036 UB270 .W56 1968 Subjects Espionage. Date Updated:  August 31, 2016 These authors’ first book was The U-2 Affair … Continue reading

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The Office of Strategic Services

Title:                  The Office of Strategic Services Author:                 Michael Warner Warner, Michael (2000). The Office of Strategic Services: America’s First Intelligence Agency. Washington, DC: CIA History Staff , Center for the Study of Intelligence LCCN:    2002495037 D810.S7 W375 2002 Subjects … Continue reading

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The Psychic Battlefield

Title:                  The Psychic Battlefield Author:                 W. Adam Mandelbaum Mandelbaum, W. Adam (2000). The Psychic Battlefield: A History of The Military-Occult Complex New York: St Martin’s Press LCCN:    99055025 BF1045.M55 M26 2000 Subjects Parapsychology–Military aspects–History. Remote viewing (Parapsychology)–History. Date Updated:  … Continue reading

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C4ISR for Future Naval Strike Groups

Title:                  C4ISR for Future Naval Strike Groups Author:                 National Research Council of the National Academies National Research Council of the National Academies (2006). C4ISR For Future Naval Strike Groups. Washington, D.C. : National Academies Press LCCN:    2006278250 VB215 .N38 … Continue reading

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A History of Warfare

Title:                  A History of Warfare Author:                 John Keegan Keegan, John (1994). A History of Warfare. New York: Alfred A. Knopf LCCN:    93014884 U27 .K38 1993 Subjects Military art and science–History. Date Updated:  April 20, 2015 I used Keegan’s book … Continue reading

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