Failure of Intelligence

Title:                      Failure of Intelligence

Author:                  Melvin Allan Goodman

Goodman, Melvin A. (2008). Failure of Intelligence: The Decline And Fall of The CIA. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield

LOC:       2007032794

JK468.I6 G663 2008

Date Posted:      May 10, 2013

This book examines the issues within the CIA and discusses its needs for a reform agenda.

The CIA’s role in national security has raised eyebrows over its role in the intelligence community. As the result of the perceived failures of the past decade, many have doubts of the Agency’s capability to execute its main goal in providing accurate analysis for the country’s policymakers. Key failures listed are the downfall of the Soviet Union, 9/11, and the most recent, the intelligence corruption scandal during the Iraq War (the largest intelligence scandal in U.S. history). These key failures were result of the lack of strategic warnings and the ability to misuse the U.S. intelligence capabilities. These failures have made the CIA to be looked upon as vulnerable.

According to the reading, the CIA costs the nation more than $5 billion dollars annually while the entire intelligence community spends more than $50 billion. There have been limited changes and until we understand the causes of the past intelligence failures, reform will be problematic.

The nature of the way the United States uses analysis needs change resulting from the ever changing multipolar world. When the CIA was created by Harry S. Truman, it was used to prevent surprise attacks and to prevent the Soviet threat conflict. Now the United States deals with an entirely different environment and needs to be reorganized. As a result in the new kind of threats, the agencies that were created to prevent the Cold War need to be altered and designed in the correct way. The consequences can be devastating if actions are not put in place. Consequences can be an increased rate of terror attacks initiated by terror networks. Another consequence is the rise of nuclear technology in countries that are a threat to the United States. These outcomes can result in thousands of American lives lost as well as innocent civilians throughout society.

The Unites States had a long way to go in accomplishing reform but we will win the fight on terrorism, but can only do so if the CIA is rebuilt along with the reform of the intelligence community.

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