Zweierlei Untergang

Title:                      Zweierlei Untergang

Author:                  Andreas Hillgruber.

Hillgruber, Andreas (1986). Zweierlei Untergang : die Zerschlagung des Deutschen Reiches und das Ende des europäischen Judentums. Berlin: W.J. Siedler,

LCCN:    86180593

DD256 .H53 1986

Date Updated:  March 1, 2016

The translated title, Two Kinds of Downfall: The Destruction of the German Empire, and the End of European Jewry] suggests yet another apology for the treatment of Jews by the Nazi regime. Hillgruber has written a slew of books on WWII. In this work he asserts that German soldiers on the eastern front were genuinely motivated by their fears of bolshevism.

The editor of the magazine Der Spiegel, Rudolf Augstein, called Hillgruber “constitutional Nazi”. in the context of revisionist disputes among historians and in allusion to titling his book.

Augstein complained that Hillgruber stands against “the commonly held perception of the German Empire, a response to the atrocities of the Nazi regime had was breaking up the.” Another historian states that this is “dangerous nonsense in a few sentences.


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