Regulating Covert Action

Title:                      Regulating Covert Action

Author:                 W. Michael Reisman

Reisman, W. Michael (1992) and James E. Baker. Regulating Covert Action: Practices, Contexts, and Policies of Covert Coercion Abroad in International and American Law. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press

LOC:       91024639

JX4486 .R45 1992

Date Posted:      February 14, 2014

Riesman and Baker argue that the actual practice of states abnd the reaction of states and the international community to that practice imply that many covert actions are not necessarily illegal under international law. However, iin making this argument, they interpret rather narrowly the noninterventioin provisions of the UN Charter and rather broadly such key notions as “covert action,” “law,” and “accepted practice.”

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