The Central Intelligence Agency

Title:                      The Central Intelligence Agency

Author:                  Athan Theoharis

Theoharis, Athan (2006), Richard Immerman, Loch Johnson, Kathryn Olmsted, and John Prados. The Central Intelligence Agency: Security under Scrutiny. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press

LCCN:    2005020914

JK468.I6 C465 2006

Date Updated:  December 14, 2016

A look at the CIA since its inception, with entries on its leaders and more on the various successes and controversies that are part of its history.

Theoharis provides a good introduction to the history, structure, and operations of the CIA, information required to understand fully what all the heated arguments are about. The chapters cover the agency’s origins, foreign and domestic liaison arrangements, covert activities, the work of intelligence and counterintelligence units, and CIA controversies from 1947 to 2004. The chapters are further subdivided and labeled by subtopic, and the indexing and table of contents are helpful in directing one’s study. The book’s reference value is increased by its 29-page chronology of key events, 20-page annotated bibliography, list of acronyms, and short biographies of 50 important CIA-related individuals. Readers can also examine the CIA’s Factbook on Intelligence for the official facts and links to more information from the intelligence community. Theoharis’s high-quality publication is suitable for academic and larger public libraries.

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