NSA and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Title:                                         NSA and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Author:                                   Thomas R. Johnson

Johnson, Thomas R. (1998) and David A. Hatch. NSA and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Fort George G. Meade, MD: Center for Cryptologic History, National Security Agency

LCCN:             Not available


Date Updated:                        April 6, 2017

This brochure was produced for the Center for Cryptologic History at NSA and may be downloaded from that site. It is 14 pages, too long to reproduce here.

Looking back on the Cuban Missile Crisis, it is clear that SIGINT, combined with other types of intelligence such as photography and human sources, had pinpointed Cuba as a grave threat to the United States. The arms buildup and the defensive improvements spelled trouble and focused the president and military leaders on the threat from Cuba long before the crisis erupted. In the middle of crisis, the intelligence system gave the president the information he needed to extricate the nation from its most dire crisis since the end of World War II

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