The Champagne Spy

Title:                      The Champagne Spy

Author:                 Wolfgang Lotz

Lotz, Wolfgang (1972). The Champagne Spy; Israel’s Master Spy Tells His Story. New York, St. Martin’s Press.

LCCN:    72084761

DS119.8.E3 L68 1972


Date Updated:  October 15, 2015

Reviewed by George C. Constantinides[1]

Lotz was the Israeli illegal who posed as a wealthy German in Egypt until caught. He was sentenced and then released. This is his story, published, according to his version, despite his differences with the Israeli service on whether it should be allowed (see A Handbook for Spies[2]). Fuller, more varied pictures of Lotz have appeared and should be compared to his version. For instance, Dan and Ben-Porat’s The Secret War gives a version of how Lotz handled the matter of his Israeli identity at the time of his trial that is at variance with Lotzs account. Eisenberg, Dan, and Landau in The Mossad give a portrait of Lotz both as a person and as an agent that includes his strong and his weak points. Steven’s The Spymasters of Israel discusses his varying abilities as an intelligence collector. This is nevertheless a rare work-the story of a post-World War II non-Soviet illegal operation written by the illegal himself. One should also read Lotz’s A Handbook for Spies for a more complete insight into the man and his experiences in Egypt.

This is a review by the Defense Intelligence School.[3]

An interesting, readable account of an Israeli agent who lived in Egypt, mixed with the top level of Egyptian society, and provided invaluable intelligence to the Israeli Services.

Reviewed by Paul W. Blackstock and Frank L. Schaf[4]

The autobiography of Israel’s intelligence agent in Egypt during a five-year period beginning in 1960. Lotz, who posed as a rich ex-Nazl in Egypt, tells his story from his training in Tel Aviv to his capture, imprisonment, and eventual release.

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