Espionage and Subversion in an Industrial Society

Title:                      Espionage and Subversion in an Industrial Society

Author:                 Peter Hamilton

Hamilton, Peter (1967, 1979). Espionage and Subversion in an Industrial Society: An Examination and Philosophy of Defense for Management (2nd ed). Leatherhead, UK: Peter A. Heims Ltd

LCCN:    80460938

HD38.7 .H35 1979



  • First ed. published in 1967 under title: Espionage And Subversion in An Industrial Society.

Date Updated:  July 14, 2016

This is a review by the Defense Intelligence School.[1]

A provocative and highly interesting conceptualization of the role of industrial espionage and subversion in the “modern battlefield of the industrial arena, where nations and ideologies struggle for economic supremacy.” For the students of intelligence theory and practice, the book will convey some new insights and outlooks.

Reviewed by Paul W. Blackstock and Frank L. Schaf[2]

A detailed text devoted to exposing the true significance and dangers of industrial espionage. The author postulates that the industrial arena is the battlefield of the future, and therefore industrial intelligence will become as vital as—and indistinguishable from—its political and military intelligence counterparts. The author provides expert descriptions of the methods and techniques of industrial espionage and emphasizes means by which it can be fought. He goes into scene detail to show similarities in doctrine and technique between industrial espionage and what he calls the “parent art” of political and military intelligence and espionage.

[1] Defense Intelligence School (1981). Bibliography of Intelligence Literature: A Critical And Annotated Bibliography of Open-Source Literature (7th ed, rev.). Washington, DC: Defense Intelligence School, p. 29

[2] Blackstock, Paul W. (1978) and Frank L. Schaf, Jr. Intelligence, Espionage, Counterespionage, And Covert Operations: A Guide to Information Sources. Detroit: Gale Research Co., pp. 135-136


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