The Intelligence Community

Title:                      The Intelligence Community

Author:                 Tyrus G. Fain

Fain, Tyrus G. (1977). The Intelligence Community: History, Organization, And Issues, compiled and edited by Tyrus G. Fain, in collaboration with Katharine C. Plant and Ross Milloy ; with an introd. by Frank Church

LCCN:    77005854

JK468.I6 I57


Date Posted:      November 3, 2015

From the book’s preface:

The documents in this volume were edited and, at times, abridged; where abridgement occurs, it is because of space limitations or because the editors sought to reduce redundancy—in an attempt to offer the most apposite information. Like the sources from which the text was drawn, there are inevitable gaps and inconsistencies in the style and format of the book. The editors have provided explanatory bridging narrative to facilitate transition between the documents, to lend continuity, and to elucidate the material. This narrative is set apart from the documents by horizontal lines. The editors have also provided notes and references at the end of each chapter, to give background on and perspective to the documents. The boldface numbers in the margin of the text (e,g, N1, N2, N3) refer to these notes and references.

The source of each document has been identified by the bracketed number appearing with the headings in chapters. The number, which is followed by the page numbers in the original source, refers to the numbered documents listed in the bibliography. This number is cited whenever a document changes. Ellipses points have been inserted by the editors to indicate deletion of nonpertinent material from the original document. Because of these deletions, there are gaps in the numbering of the original documents’ footnotes.

The volume concludes with a bibliography; appendixes containing a list of acronyms, a glossary, reprints of legislation, Executive actions, and abstracts of documents; and a subject and name index.

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