Al Qaeda – Critical Concepts

Title:                      Al QaedaCritical Concepts

Author:                 Paul Cruickshank

Cruickshank, Paul (2013). Al Qaeda: Critical Concepts in Political Science. New York: Routledge

LCCN:    2012008592

HV6433.M52 Q323 2013


  • v. 1. Threat — v. 2. Organization — v. 3. Network — v. 4. Recruitment — v. 5. Vision.


Date Posted:      January 6, 2016

Reviewed by Joshua Sinai[1]

Compiled by Paul Cruickshank, a New York-based investigative journalist and one of CNN’s top correspondents on terrorism, this 5-volume collection of scholarly research and journalistic articles on al Qaeda is the most comprehensive resource published on the organization and its worldwide affiliates. The author’s introduction places the collected material in its historical and political context. The volumes cover the evolving threat, root causes, aims and strategies, administration and financing, ideology and ideologues, propaganda and Internet activities, radicalization and recruitment, safe havens and training, al Qaeda before and after 9/11, al Qaeda’s affiliates, homegrown and al Qaeda-inspired networks, and backlash and critiques of the organization and its activities. Recent documents recovered from bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound are also included, revealing new information about the organization’s inner workings. Fully indexed, this is an invaluable one-stop reference resource.

[1] Sinai, Joshua, PhD. in The Intelligencer: Journal of U. S. Intelligence Studies (19, 1, Winter/Spring, 2013, pp. 105-106). Dr. Joshua Sinai is a Washington-based educator and consultant on terrorism and counterterrorism studies. He has provided capsule reviews of important books recently published on terrorism and counter-terrorism-related topics. He can be reached at:

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