Right-Wing Resurgence

Title:                      Right-Wing Resurgence

Author:                 Daryl Johnson

Johnson, Daryl (2012). Right-Wing Resurgence: How a Domestic Terrorist Threat is Being Ignored. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

LCCN:    2012016574

HN90.R3 J64 2012


  • The leak — Developing interests — Rightwing extremism in the 1990s — Army counterterrorism analyst — Developing expertise — Life at DHS — Team leader — Gaining recognition — Gathering storm — Four questions — Aftermath — Validation — Correcting the record — Retrospective.


Date Posted:      February 8, 2016

Reviewed by Joshua Sinai[1]

The author, a former senior domestic terrorism analyst at the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A), presents a critical account of DRS’ coverage of the threats posed by far-right terrorist and extremist groups in the United States.

[1] Sinai, Joshua, PhD. in The Intelligencer: Journal of U. S. Intelligence Studies (19, 1, Winter/Spring, 2013, p. 107). Dr. Joshua Sinai is a Washington-based educator and consultant on terrorism and counterterrorism studies. He has provided capsule reviews of important books recently published on terrorism and counter-terrorism-related topics. He can be reached at: Joshua.sinai@comcast.net.

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