Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Title:                      Iran’s Revolutionary Guard

Author:                 Steven K.O’Hern

O’Hern, Steven K. (2012). Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: The Threat That Grows While America Sleeps. Washington, DC: Potomac Books

LCCN:    2012027721

UA853.I7 O54 2012


  • The guard at work — Born into revolution, raised at war — Exporting revolution : the IRGC in the 1980s — The Revolutionary Guard evolves — The Quds Force — The IRGC’s economic and political power — The threat to the U.S. homeland — Nukes : the ultimate weapon — Why conflict with Iran may be inevitable — The United States can prevail– but only if it wakes up.


Date Posted:      February 10, 2016

Reviewed by Joshua Sinai[1]

The author, a retired US military counterintelligence officer, investigates Iran’s Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) in all its dimensions. Beginning with an examination of the IRGC’s role in Iran, where it serves as the Islamic regime’s primary security and intelligence pillar, the author also discusses how it has built its economic empire and trains, finances, and guides its foreign terrorist proxies to expand the regime’s reach throughout the Middle East and elsewhere around the world, including countries such as Venezuela and lawless regions in Mexico, which threaten the United States. The book also reveals new information about its links with the Lebanese Hizballah, including their operations inside America. In a reasoned analysis, the author argues that the IRGC is developing the capability to attack America, including possibly exploding a nuclear device in the form of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon to severely damage the country’s electrical grid. The concluding chapter discusses options to prevail in case of what he considers to be likely war with Iran.

[1] Sinai, Joshua, PhD. in The Intelligencer: Journal of U. S. Intelligence Studies (19, 1, Winter/Spring, 2013, p. 107). Dr. Joshua Sinai is a Washington-based educator and consultant on terrorism and counterterrorism studies. He has provided capsule reviews of important books recently published on terrorism and counter-terrorism-related topics. He can be reached at:

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