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Israel’s Clandestine Diplomacies

Title:                      Israel’s Clandestine Diplomacies Author:                 Clive Jones Jones, Clive (2013) and Tore T. Petersen, eds. Israel’s Clandestine Diplomacies. New York, NY: Oxford University Press LCCN:    2013014398 DS119.6 .I7776 2013 Subjects Israel–Foreign relations–History–20th century–Congresses. Israel–Foreign relations–Philosophy–Congresses. Israel–Politics and government–Congresses. Notes … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Failure

Title:                      The Tragedy of Failure Author:                 Tiffany O. Howard Howard, Tiffiany (2010).The Tragedy of Failure: Evaluating State Failure and Its Impact on the Spread of Refugees, Terrorism, and War. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Security International LCCN:    2010000811 JC328.7 .H68 … Continue reading

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Title:                      COINTELPRO Author:                 Cathy Perkus Perkus, Cathy (1975), ed. COINTELPRO: The FBI’s Secret War on Political Freedom. Introduction by Noan Chomsky. New York: Monad Press LCCN:    75034818 HV8141 .B6 1975 Subjects United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Political rights–United … Continue reading

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Aspiration and Ambivalence

Title:                      Aspiration and Ambivalence Author:                 Vanda Felbab-Brown Felbab-Brown, Vanda (2013). Aspiration and Ambivalence: Strategies and Realities of Counterinsurgency and State Building in Afghanistan. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press LCCN:    2012040225 DS371.4 .F45 2013 Subjects Counterinsurgency–Afghanistan. Internal security–Afghanistan. Nation-building–Afghanistan. Date … Continue reading

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The Federal Investigators

Title:                      The Federal Investigators Author:                 Miriam Ottenberg Ottenberg, Miriam (1962). The Federal Investigators. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall LCCN:    62017427 HV8138 .O8 Subjects Law enforcement–United States. Crime–United States. Date Posted:      March 25, 2016 Reviewed by Paul W. Blackstock and Frank … Continue reading

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After the Sheikhs

Title:                      After the Sheikhs Author:                  Christopher M. Davidson Davidson, Christopher M. (2013). After the Sheikhs: The Coming Collapse of the Gulf Monarchies by New York, NY: Oxford University Press LCCN:    2013014438 JQ1840 .D38 2013 Summary “Noted Gulf expert Christopher … Continue reading

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International Security

Title:                      International Security Author:                 Roland Dannreuther Dannreuther, Roland (2013). International Security: The Contemporary Agenda, 2nd ed. Malden, MA: Polity LCCN:    2013387881 JZ5588 .D356 2013 Summary International Security is a cutting-edge analysis of the key security challenges and developments in … Continue reading

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