Elementary Cryptanalysis

Title:                                         Elementary Cryptanalysis

Author:                                   Abraham Sinkov

Sinkov, Abraham (1968, 2nd ed 2009). Elementary Cryptanalysis : A Mathematical Approach. Revised and updated by Todd Feil. Washington, DC: Mathematical Association of America

LCCN:             2009927623



  • 1. Monoalphabetic ciphers using additive alphabets — 2. General monoalphabetic substitution — 3. Polyalphabetic substitution — 4. Polygraphic systems — 5. Transposition — 6. RSA encryption — 7. Perfect security: one-time pads.


Date Posted:                        June 10, 2016

Reviewed by Paul W. Blackstock and Frank L. Schaf[1]

In a private communication to the Blackstone and Schaf, David Kahn evaluated this book as an “excellent study of the basic cipher systems, with a very systematic explanation of the underlying mathematics . . . clear and thorough in explanation.”

[1] Blackstock, Paul W. (1978) and Frank L. Schaf, Jr. Intelligence, Espionage, Counterespionage, And Covert Operations: A Guide to Information Sources. Detroit: Gale Research Co., p.

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