Winston Churchill Reporting

Title:                      Winston Churchill Reporting

Author:                  Simon Read

Read, Simon (2015). Winston Churchill Reporting: Adventures of A Young War Correspondent. Boston, MA: Da Capo Press

LCCN:    2015023316

DA566.9.C5 R353 2015


  • Prologue: history calling — In a hurry — Havana via New York — Churchill under fire — Letters and books — The theatre of war — Once more unto the breach — The river war — Last charge at Omdurman — Literary pursuits — Churchill restrained — Dear or alive — Back in the fray — Blood and fury — Adventures and escapes — Epilogue: into history.


Date Posted:      July 7, 2016

Reviewed by Joseph C. Golden along with No More Champagne: Churchill and His Money, by David Lough. The melded review is available at the link to No More Champagne.


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