The Privacy Invaders

Title:                      The Privacy Invaders

Author:                 Myron Brenton

Brenton, Myron (1964). The Privacy Invaders. New York: Coward-McCann

LCCN:    64013062

JC599.U5 B68


Date Posted:      July 26, 2016

In “Industrial Espionage,” in his The Privacy Invaders, pp. 139-50, the author has filled this chapter with examples of industrial espionage which demonstrate technique. Industrial espionage is one of today’s activities which reduce “workaday privacy.” Brenton distinguishes between business intelligence, which is the legal activity of analyzing articles in trade magazines and published market data, interrogating salesmen or suppliers, and comparative shopping; and illegal industrial espionage, which is the stealing of research and process secrets, plans, and designs.

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