My Journey into The Heart of Terror

Title:                      My Journey into The Heart of Terror

Author:                 Jürgen Todenhöfer

Todenhöfer, Jürgen (2016) and A. O. May. My Journey into The Heart of Terror: Ten Days in The Islamic State. Vancouver; Berkeley: Greystone Books

OCLC:    924629645


Summary: ISIS, IS, the Islamic State. Understanding them is the key to battling their radical vision and the terror and destruction it brings. Todenhöfer spent time with ISIS fighters in Mosul, and visited their strongholds. He asked them to explain their beliefs, motivations, and goals. This book is the result of those conversations.
Contents: Introduction —
Birth of the “Islamic State” —
How close can we get? —
Conversation with a jihadist —
Things get serious —
Planning a journey into the heart of terror —
Entering the nightmare —
Ten days inside the “Islamic State” —
A chilling thought —
An open letter to the Caliph of the “Islamic State” and his foreign fighters —
A warning to the west.


Date Updated:      February 13, 2017

This book is a translation of the German version Inside IS: 10 Tage im “Islamischen Staat” by Jürgen Todenhöfer (Munich: Bertelsmann, 2015, LCCN: 2015459246)

Reviewed in The Intelligencer [1]

What’s going on behind the borders of the Islamic State? ISIS beheads journalists and yet Todenhöfer accepted an invitation to visit its fighters in Mosul, after months of negotiations. Accompanied by his son who photographed the journey, he asked them to explain their beliefs, motivations, and goals—a pure propaganda opportunity. Shows how the organization grew from its al-Qaeda roots and the role the West has played. Offers insights into what ISIS says it thinks, what it claims it wants, and how it can be defeated.

[1] The Intelligencer: Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies (22, 2, Spring 2016, p. 140).

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