Operation Whisper

Title:                      Operation Whisper

Author:                  Barnes Carr

Carr, Barnes (2016). Operation Whisper: The Capture Of Soviet Spies Morris And Lona Cohen. Lebanon NH: ForeEdge, an imprint of University Press of New England

LCCN:    2015043614

UB271.R92 K733 2016


  • Part I. Recruits — Security Matter C — Student radical — Spain calling — Dangerous crossing — The elite of the internationals — Code name Luis — Part II. Professionals — Volunteer activated — Ghouls and dead doubles — The agent who never was — A balance of terror — Mission to Albuquerque — All networks blown — A grave situation — Agents on the run — Part III. Masters — Whispers of suspicion — House of secrets — Lock, stock, and barrel — A Macbeth moment — A most disgraceful case — Swaps and a daring escape.


Additional formats

  • Online version: Carr, Barnes, author. Operation Whisper Lebanon NH : ForeEdge, an imprint of University Press of New England, 2016 9781611689396 (DLC) 2016002603

Date Posted:      November 2, 2016

Reviewed in The Intelligencer[1]

The Cohens, living in a nondescript building on the East Side of New York City, heard a knock on their door in 1950, to find a trusted colleague holding up a finger for silence, and a scribbled a note: Go now. Leave the lights on, walk out, don’t look back. The Cohens were Russian illegals: spies. Their cover was blown. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, associates, had just been arrested. Federal agents were in the neighborhood, getting close. They were the most effective Soviet spy couple in America, and vanished under the FBI’s nose, turning up as rare book dealers in London, where they continued their atomic spying. This is their story.

[1] The Intelligencer: Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies (22, 2, Spring 2016, p. 140).

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