The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Title:                      The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Author:                  Damien Lewis

Lewis, Damien (2016, c. 2015). The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: How Churchill’s Secret Warriors Set Europe Ablaze And Gave Birth to Modern Black Ops. New York: Quercus, New York, NY: Hachette Book Group

OCLC:    958460563

D810 .S7L49 2015


Date Posted:      February 16, 2017

Summary at

When France fell to the Nazis in 1939, Churchill declared that Britain would resist the advance of the German army–alone if necessary. Churchill commanded the Special Operations Executive (SOE) to secretly develop a special kind of military unit that would operate on their own initiative deep behind enemy lines. The units would be licensed to kill, fully deniable by the British government, and be a ruthless force to meet the advancing Germans. The first of these “butcher-and-bolt” units—the innocuously named Maid Honour Force—was led by Gus March-Phillipps, a wild British eccentric of high birth, and an aristocratic, handsome, and bloodthirsty young Danish warrior, Anders Lassen. Amped up on amphetamines, these renegades and sociopaths undertook the first special operation—a top-secret mission to seize Nazi shipping in the distant port of Fernando Po, in West Africa. Though few survived, they conducted a series of daring missions that changed the course of the war. It was the first stirrings of the modern special-ops team, and all of the men involved would be declared war heroes when it was all over.

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