Every Last Tie

Title:                      Every Last Tie

Author:                 David Kaczynski

Kaczynski, David (2016). Every Last Tie: The Story of The Unabomber And His Family. Durham: Duke University Press

LCCN:    2015019794

HV6248.K235 K33 2016


Date Posted:      February 20, 2017

Reviewed in The Intelligencer[1]

David Kaczynski—a mental health and anti-death penalty activist—presents his account of his brother, Ted Kaczynski, the terrorist known as the Unabomber.

Growing up, the author always sensed that his brainy brother “was not completely OK.” Ted excelled academically but had no friends and seemed to dislike people. Kaczynski believes his brother’s behavior had genetic roots based on the strange behavior of other relatives.

Several years after accepting a mathematics professorship at Berkeley, Ted quit his job and withdrew to the Montana wilderness. Letters to his parents raged against the threat posed to humanity by technology as well what he saw as their unjust treatment of him.

In August of1995, David Kaczynski’s wife, Linda, asked him a difficult question: “Do you think your brother Ted is the Unabomber?” It became clear to them that Ted was likely responsible for mailing the seventeen bombs that killed three people and injured many more. Wanting to prevent further violence, David made the decision to turn his brother in to the FBI.

He writes not to excuse his brother but to humanize him. Understanding the mentally ill “with an open heart” is an activity the whole of society must engage in for the good of all.

[1] The Intelligencer: Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies (21, 3, Fall/Winter 2015, pp. 139-140).

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