The Man Who Started The War

Title:                      The Man Who Started The War

Author:                  Günter Peis

Peis, Günter (1960). The Man Who Started The War. London:Odhams Press

LCCN:    61034287

DD247.N3 P4


Date Posted:      March 8, 2017

Reviewed by Paul W. Blackstock and Frank L. Schaf[1]

A melodramatic and inaccurate account of the Gleiwitz incident by Alfred Naujocks, the major of the Nazi party intelligence service Sicherheitsdienst (SD), who led the attack on radio station Gleiwitz, as told to German journalist Günther Peis. For more on the incident and on Naujocks see Andre Brissaud’s The Nazi Secret Service[2], cited in chapter 4, section D.

[1] Blackstock, Paul W. (1978) and Frank L. Schaf, Jr. Intelligence, Espionage, Counterespionage, And Covert Operations: A Guide to Information Sources. Detroit: Gale Research Co., p. 221

[2] Brissaud, André (1974). The Nazi Secret Service. New York: W. W. Norton

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