SOE—The British Special Operations Executive, Chapter 17

Title:                      SOE—The British Special Operations Executive, Chapter 17

Author:                 Paul W. Blackstock

Blackstock, Paul W. (1978) and Frank L. Schaf, Jr. “Chapter 17: “SOE—The British Special Operations Executive”. Detroit: Gale Research Co.

LCCN:    74011567

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Intelligence service–Bibliography.


Subversive activities–Bibliography.

Date Updated:  March 22, 2017


The British Special Operations Executive (SOE) was a World War it hybrid of various organizations which soon gained its independence and was given the primary, mission of “setting Europe ablaze” by means of sabotage, subversion, guerrilla warfare, and the creation and supply of resistance movements in occupied countries. All these activities were to be carried out in a clandestine nature and their success depended in large part on intelligence collection either by the SOE itself or by cooperating intelligence agencies. Thus was forged CI war-fighting organization to use all means other than conventional armed forces. Its war fighting and its intelligence activities became very nearly in-distinguishable, and the pattern for postwar covert operations by an intelligence-organization was established.

In an unprecedented move the British government in the mid-1960s opened up its archives to a former intelligence staff officer (but not from SOE), M.R.D. Foot, making it possible for him to write a scholarly, definitive history, SOE In France[1]. Possibly the reason for this move was that two unofficial histories were being written, one of them critical of SOE. In addition numerous memoirs had already appeared, some of them sketchy and self-serving. By contrast, the archives of the Office of Strategic Services (0SS), the American counterpart of SOE, have remained closed until recently (1976) and only secondary sources have been available. In this chapter the few general works available on the SOE are listed, followed by a section which lists selected memoirs and biographies.


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