Hate Spin

Title:                      Hate Spin

Author:                 Cherian George

George, Cherian (2016). Hate Spin: The Manufacture of Religious Offense And Its Threat To Democracy. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press

LCCN:    2016014335

K5304.6 .G46 2016


  • Hate spin as politics by other means — By what rules? : human rights and religious authority — God, Google, and the globalization of offendedness — India : Narendra Modi and the harnessing of hate — Indonesia : democracy tested amid rising intolerance — United States : exceptional freedoms, fabricated fears — Pushing back, through media and civil society — Assertive pluralism for a world of irreducible diversity.


Date Posted:      April 20, 2017

Reviewed in The Intelligencer[1]

“In the era of the rise of manufactured outrage, George sheds light on a politics of grievance … through a narrative structure that moves seamlessly across several continents.”[2]

“Hate speech: Scholars have documented it. Politicians have tried to legislate it. And activists have sought meaningful ways to counter hate speech without violating freedom of speech. But only Cherian George has provided a deep, theoretical approach that connects the nuance of the debates in ways that are translatable across cultural, religious, and political lines. Hate Spin goes beyond easy labels to understanding the way media are misappropriated to fuel hatred and violence, impinging on democracy along the way. Unlike other scholars, George expands beyond a single religious tradition or medium.”[3]

[1] Reviewed in The Intelligencer: Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies (22, 3, Winter 2016-17, pp. 138-139).

[2] Michael Signer, Lecturer, University of Virginia, author of Demagogue: The Fight to Save Democracy from Its Worst Enemies

[3] Debra Mason, Professor, School of Journalism, University of Missouri

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