Eyes, Ears, And Daggers

Title:                      Eyes, Ears, And Daggers

Author:                 Thomas H. Henriksen

Henriksen, Thomas H. (2016). Eyes, Ears, And Daggers: Special Operations Forces And The Central Intelligence Agency In America’s Evolving Struggle Against Terrorism. Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press

LCCN:    2016023703

HV6432 .H475 2016


  • America’s early unconventional ventures — World War II and after : the catalysts for cloak and daggers — Specialized soldiering and operatives in the Vietnam War — Emergence of a new security architecture — Sept. 11th and the melding of special ops and field officers — The SOF-CIA fusion in two theaters — SOF-CIA : the present and the future.


Date Posted:      May 1, 2017

Reviewed in The Intelligencer[1]

Eyes, Ears, and Daggers is arguably the best book on the relationship of the modern Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Special Operations Forces (SOF). From the American Revolution to the Office of Strategic Services and the subsequent birth of the CIA and the SOF, the relationship among intelligence, paramilitary, psychological operations, the SOF, and the broader Special Operations community can be summed up as yin and yang, constantly adjusting, rebalancing, and ebbing and flowing with the good and the bad. When it has counted, the CIA’s resources, relationships, and authorities, combined with the SOF capabilities and capacity, have provided our nation with exquisite tactical actions that have achieved decisive and often strategic effects. Thomas Henriksen’s well-researched work, using analyses based on open-source and published works, will serve students, researchers, and the public, providing an understanding of the unique and incredible relationship between two of our nation’s most important organizations: the CIA and the SOF.” —David S. Maxwell (colonel, ret., US Army Special Forces), associate director, Center for Security Studies, Georgetown University

[1] The Intelligencer (22, 2, Fall 2016, p. 140).

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