Born to Spy

Title:                      Born to Spy

Author:                 Austin Goodrich

Goodrich, Austin (2006). Born to Spy: Recollections of a CIA Case Officer. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse

OCLC:    471519399

UB271 (estimated)


Date Posted:      May 11, 2017

Retired CIA case officer Austin Goodrich chronicles his life from his formative years during the Great Depression in Battle Creek, Michigan, through near-death trauma in World War II, into service in the Central Intelligence Agency during the hottest years of the Cold War. Goodrich recounts the challenges and joys of growing up in an adult-free environment where kids got even with mean neighbors on Halloween, rolled their own cigarettes and swiped materials for their smoke-filled club houses. Motivated by patriotic and religious convictions, Goodrich served his country with distinction that earned him the Intelligence Medal of Merit.

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