Churchill’s Secret Agent

Title:                      Churchill’s Secret Agent

Author:                 Josephine Butler

Butler, Josephine (1983). Churchill’s Secret Agent. Ashburton, Devon, UK: Blaketon-Hall

LCCN:    83153687

D810.S8 B82 1983

Agent Codename

  • Codename “Jay Bee”.

LC Subjects

Date Posted:      September 29, 2017

According to the CIA[1] the account published within the boards of this book is a complete fabrication.

In addition to the significant dismiss lent by the CIA, none of Leo Marks, M.R.D. Foot, E.H. Cookridge, Christopher Andrew, or Gordon Thomas; all trustworthy authorities, make any mention of Josephine Butler. Neither is she mentioned amongst the permanent SOE exhibits displayed at Beaulieu Abbey, Hampshire, England. Her account is written in a manner and style that does not befit someone of the class and required acuity to work for Britains wartime secret intelligence agencies.

[1] See Jon A. Wiant, “Intelligence in Recent Public Literature,” Counterfeit Spies: Genuine or Bogus? An Astonishing Investigation into Secret Agents of the Second World War. By Nigel West. London: St. Ermin’s Press, 1999 (review), accessed at, September 29, 2017.

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